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He Said: Jump roping is a great physical exercise.

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In keeping with what my wife was talking about and how she exercises when walking the dog. There are a lot of easy and cheap ways to get great work-outs. One of them is skipping rope. It helps to improve responsiveness, increase stamina, and thus achieving physical fitness. A skipping rope or jumping rope is very light weight can be easily stored anywhere. And, because the rope takes up little space you can skip almost everywhere. You can keep it in your car or a backpack, or for the business person your briefcase. Exercising with skipping rope is not difficult you don’t need to join a club or get a personal trainer to tell you how to skip. You can jump alone or with a group of people. Start your own Jump Groups. Skipping is not only a great exercise for adults it’s great for kids too. Without giving away my age… “back in the day” everyone jumped rope.

Jump roping exercises your whole body; it accelerates metabolism and improves blood circulation giving you a great cardiovascular workout. Skipping requires coordination of feet, hands, brain which helps to exercise your all your whole body and improves agility.

When choosing the right size of rope for you I’ve read, “put the skipping rope under your feet and raise both handles as high as you can if it reaches your armpit it is perfect”. And also, “from the end of one finger tip to the other arm finger tip arms extended out like you are flying a plane”, that was from a boxer. Adequate length of rope helps a person to workout with the rope in the most advantageous level. Depending upon your weight, skipping rope at 60 to 80 skips per minute will burn 143 calories in 15 minutes. That’s about the same as running 2 miles in eight minutes… if that doesn’t seem possible, “skip” the running, go outside and start skipping rope.


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October 14, 2008 at 5:13 pm

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